Good customer service from Converse

I recently bought a pair of black leather Chuck Taylor All-Stars from the Converse store at DFO Melbourne. Within a few weeks, the sole started separating from the rest of the shoe. Seeing as I'd lost the receipt (as usual), I didn't expect much help from Converse in getting them replaced.

However, Rachel did some legwork and got in contact with Converse USA who in turn gave us the contact for the Converse distributor in Australia, Consports in Melbourne. A quick phone call, and they got in touch with the DFO in Harbourtown and organised an exchange. They even had a pair of size 13's in stock! A quick trip in on the weekend and they were exchanged, no receipt and no problems at all.

So thanks, Converse, for looking after your customers.

I couldn't help myself while I was there, and ended up buying a pair of Sailor Jerry All-Stars.

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