I found my old Transformers...

I've always been partial to Transformers, and in anticipation of the hype around the new movie (trailer) I dug up some of my old toys on my last trip home. I couldn't find all of them, but I did manage to find my favourite - Optimus Prime. I even still have his trailer, one of his hands, and his gun.

Optimus Close up Optimus and trailer

It's amazing how the toys have changed over years. For comparison, here's the Alternators version of Rollbar that I picked up while I was in the US. The missing door and windshield is due to the rough treatment by baggage handlers.


The newer toys are so much more poseable, but they are definitely harder to transform.

I'm almost motivated to pick up some more new Transformers, especially before the market gets overrun with the toys for the new movie. I'm particularly keen to try and find some of the other Alternators toy series.

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