Taking advantage of the HD-DVD fallout

I've decided I'm going to take advantage of the death of HD-DVD through the inevitable clearout of stock. A few web stores are having clearance sales, one example being dvddownunder.com.au which is clearing stock at $9.95 per disc. I plan to buy at least a few movies during these sales.

My primary reason for buying more movies, rather than abandoning the format completely, is that I was a late adopter - but not so late that I got any advantage out of the reduced player prices. I bought an XBox 360 HD-DVD drive late last year, and a few movies a couple of weeks later. Including christmas gifts and the bundled King Kong, this means I only own 5 movies in the format.

Doing the sums, this means that I had effectively paid roughly $65 per movie. Ouch!

By buying at least a few more movies over the next couple of months I hope to bring the cost per movie down to a reasonable level. After buying another 6 discs, the cost per movie is now around $35 per movie. This is much more reasonable, and will at least let me get some decent use out of a player that will hopefully last a couple of years.

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