100 times faster? Not even close to it

An article in The Age today, titled "Lightning internet on way", makes the dubious claim that the Australian Goverment's subsidy of a fiber-to-the-node network will allow connections of 100 times faster than what is currently available.

Sounds good, right?

Not so much when they consider "what is currently available" to be 256 kbits.

But by deploying VDSL, (also known as Very High Speed DSL) technology, Senator Conroy said the new network would be able to carry up to 25 megabits per second.

Most broadband users currently receive only 256 kilobits per second — 100 times less capacity than 25 megabits — using ADSL technology.

Seeing as ADSL2+ has a theoretical maximum of 24 megabits, I think what they meant to say is "no faster than what is currently available."

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