My own "TNT Flexy" TV and Home Theatre Stand

My recent home theatre buying binge left me completely devoid of space in the tiny Ikea TV stand I've been using for the past couple of years.  So short of space that I was relegated to setting my new Onkyo 605 on the floor!

I decided to build a new stand for my TV and home theatre gear based on the TNT Flexy design.  A friend of mine built a similar stand a few years ago, and the minimalist industrial design really appealed to my tastes.

The finished product consists of a primary centre section that's 1175 mm wide and two wing sections that are 450 mm wide each.  I decided to make the side sections removable so that if I move into a new house with less room I can take them off and be left with a stand that is the same size as my TV.  As it is currently, the wing sections hold my two front speakers.

The unit is three shelves high, and 600 mm deep.  600 mm is slightly too deep, but the alternative was current down each piece of MDF to the same size.  Given my lack of experience with power tools I'm certain I wouldn't have been able to get a nice finish doing this, so I left the panels at the 600 mm size they came from Bunnings.

The total cost for the materials used was around AU$200, which is pretty reasonable for it's size.  Everything was bought from Bunnings at Molendinar on the Gold Coast.

Here's the cost breakdown:

Item Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Black Tips 2 1.66 3.32
5/8" Hex Nuts 2 12.80 25.60
Box Washers 1 15.49 15.49
36 x 5/8" Whitworth Rod ZP Steel 4 9.27 37.08
MDF 16mm 1200x450mm 3 11.50 34.50
MDF 16mm 1200x600mm 3 14.50 43.50
2L Acrylic Primer 1 32.40 32.40
1L Satin Black Enamel 1 24.03 24.03
Total AU$215.92

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