A Mustang Named Em

Ever since I can remember I've had a "thing" for the Ford Mustang. They're a rare car in Australia, and to my knowledge were only sold here in small numbers in the 1960's. The first generation Mustang is the iconic one -- Bullitt drove a 1969 GT and the Mach 1 models are simply drool-worthy, so when Ford brought back the classic styling in the 2005 model my car-lust immediately kicked into overdrive.

Unfortunately Ford Australia has never imported the newer models (and even if they did, it would have been over-priced due to the "Australia tax"). My recent move to the US provided the opportunity to finally own one, and even though it's not the most practical nor environmentally friendly vehicle I simply couldn't resist.

The photo you see above is it -- a 2007 Ford Mustang GT, with the optional hood scoop, pony-logo engine trim and Shaker 500 sound system. Rae came up with the name "Em"; it's both short for Mustang and a reference to the "M" character from James Bond (strong, powerful woman). It immediately stuck.

She's also my first V8, and she doesn't disappoint in the acceleration or the sound department. The commute to work is definitely something to look forward to!

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