Chemistry, not electronics


I've run a roll of film through my Pentax ME Super, and I'm pleased to report that it works great. That is, of course, until you play with the back of the camera and cause strange like leaks like this one. Lessons learnt: don't play with the back of the camera when there's a roll of film in it; and invest in some gaffa tape.

It's a different process taking photos with this camera rather than my GF1. It's a slower and more deliberate process - immersing myself in the huge viewfinder, manually focusing using the focusing screen, paying more attention to composition, and feeling the heavy action of the shutter. Of course, the lack of instant feedback is a challenge when I'm used to the instant review and histograms of a digital. I was really excited when I picked up the roll from Precision Camera and everything turned out great.

As I take more photos with this camera I'll be updating this Flickr set.

Sad cloud

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