Revenge of the Taco Tour

Taqueria Selene Trailer

Huge props to Taco Journalism for organising the Revenge of the Taco Tour. Austin has a great taco scene, ranging from restaurants to stand-alone trailers, and it was great to be introduced to a variety of what is on offer around the east side.

Highlights for me were the Beef Fajita at Taqueria Selene (pictured above) and the Chorizo at Bomb Tacos attached to Lustre Pearl. I wasn't overly impressed with El Naranjo though.

If you're based in Austin, and like tacos (and face it, who doesn't) then you owe it to yourself to add Taco Journalism to your Google Reader. Mando, Jarord and Gordon are great blokes and know their tacos.

Tacos never die!

Bomb Tacos El Naranjo Pit stop at Rio Rita's The tour Tacos Selene Taqueria Selene Trailer

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