It's snowin' down in Texas...

Willow St, East Austin

Texas isn't a place I traditionally associate with snow, but for the second year in a row the awesome fluffy white stuff has fallen from the sky in Austin. This year brought about an inch or so, which is more than last year's snowfall. We got out of bed before dawn to capture the serene, surreal feel of the neighbourhood.

Robert T Martinez Jnr St, East Austin

It was great exploring just before sunrise, with only the streetlights to show the way around.

Willow St, East Austin

Of course, Rae couldn't resist the urge to line me up for a snowball in the face.

35/365 - "Snowball!"

This photo uses a precision instrument to accurately show the extent of the snowfall at my house in East Austin.

ZOMG so much snow.

The next-door neighbour's grandchildren came over to enjoy our big backyard. Our dog, Maeby, enjoyed the hell out of it as well. She pretty much ate snow the entire day; at one point giving herself a head freeze and looking very confused about it.

Maeby and the kids had a great time!

The snow brought a fantastic end to a freezing cold week. In fact, the day following the night's worth of snowfall brought temperatures above freezing for the first time all week. In true Austin fashion, the day after is a beautiful warm day.

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