A black-and-white walk around East Austin

64/365 - "1305"

Despite starting out with thunderstorms, yesterday turned into a beautiful (albeit windy) day. I tried to make the most of it by taking a walk, and switched the GF1 over to the black-and-white square-crop custom preset I have set up.

Artists & 'Hipsters' // East Austin

In addition to the numerous "Yuppies off the east side" stickers around East Austin, there's a new set of posters going up. These ones are a call-to-arms for Artists and "Hipsters" to examine what they're doing to gentrify East Austin and ask what they're doing to fight it. Trust me, East Austin has a long way to go before it's gentrified.

Big sky and power lines // East Austin

Something about this preset makes me want to take two types of photos - street photography, and minimalist photos. I'm still too shy to be a full-on street photographer so you'll have to be happy with my more minimalist shots instead.

Delicious stick!

A black dog photographs surprisingly well in black-and-white. I guess it accentuates the light reflecting off her coat, or something.

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