My 365 Project, March 2011

71/365 - "OPEN" 71/365 - "OPEN"

I gotta say, March was an eventful and fantastic month despite Rae being back in Australia. My college friend Blakey was in town; NAHBS brought the cool bicycles; SXSW brought the Fun Times and insanity; I went to Vegas to see another college friend; and managed to fit in a work trip to Dallas as well.

61/365 - "One more time" 61/365 - "One more time"

You would have seen this picture as part of my post on Pinballz Arcade, but it still stands out as of my best 365 photos this month.

70/365 - "Customers, Hoboken Pie" 70/365 - "Customers, Hoboken Pie"

I experimented more with black and white this month, too. I considering designating this month "Monochrome March", but only remembered about the idea a few days in. I still managed to have some fun with it, including this previously seen walk around East Austin.

86/365 - "Watching the fountains" 86/365 - "Watching the fountains"

I think I'm finally starting to get over my "street photography" shyness too. Some of my favourite shots this month were definitely more in the street style. Let's see if that continues...

87/365 - "Deco" 87/365 - "Deco"

Of course, I still revert back to more abstract and minimal photos of buildings and statues. I don't wanna change too rapidly.

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