My 365 Project, April 2011

93/365 - "Ribs at Franklin" 93/365 - "Ribs at Franklin"

April was thankfully a much quieter month than March; a rest that was much deserved after SXSW and a trip to Vegas and The Hoover Dam. I did manage to have a really fun month though. I finally went to Franklin BBQ, the hottest new BBQ joint in Austin.

Rae returned from Australia after a 7-week trip, and was in fine form straight away. I missed taking her photo, and I'm sure those following my 365 will be thankful for the change from photos of my puppy.

111/365 - "F**k you" 111/365 - "F**k you"

I bought myself a few photography toys, too. One of these was a Pentax Auto 110, which is a tiny half-frame SLR. Unfortunately they don't make 110 film any more, but there is an adapter to use the tiny lenses on my Panasonic GF1. This photo is one of the results:

118/365 - "Bridge over calm water" 118/365 - "Bridge over calm water"

I also took a lot more photos while walking around this month. It's a good excuse to try different styles as well, a necessary step to developing my own style down the road.

100/365 - "Diamonds" 100/365 - "Diamonds"

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