Sitting in ABIA

161/365 - "Waiting at ABIA"

I'm sitting in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) waiting for a flight to Washington DC. This is the first flight of three today, the beginning of a journey that will take me across the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel to Frankfurt, Germany.

I actually have pre-flight nerves, something that hasn't happened since my very first trip from Australia to the US. I think I understand why though -- this is the first time I'll be going to a new country in 5 years.

It's also the first trip purely for pleasure in a long time. I'm traveling to see family - my brother lives in Germany, and my Mum is coming to visit him. She has no idea that I'll be there as well!

I don't know whether to add my surprise to her joy at seeing my brother again, or to wait for the initial round of hugs and crying before making my presence known.

I've got quite a few hours of travel ahead of me to think about it...

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