Cruisin' in the Mercedes


I've been here for two nights so far, doing my best to ward off jet lag with heferweizen, bratwurst and schnitzel.

Initial impressions are pretty good so far. Karlsruhe isn't the biggest city, but has amazing public transport. My brother lives on a main street, meaning there's a tram stop just outside. It only takes about 15 minutes to get across town. It's cliched to say so, but the US really does need better public transport.

163/365 - "Bicycles and graffiti"

We spent a lot of the day walking around and exploring Karlsruhe. The street art so far has been mostly tags, but also a few cute little stencils.

A german breakfast

The food so far has been amazing. We started the day with a hearty breakfast of ham and cheese on breadrolls (above); and ended the day with dinner in a traditional restaurant. The meal sizes certainly give the US a run for it's money.

A classic German meal

Another classic German meal.

We're currently en route to Frankfurt to pick up Mum and Ross and spring the surprise of my visit. The rental car is Mercedes E-class wagon! So much luxury.

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