The surprise is sprung

Mum, Ross and Shane in Karlsruhe

The surprise is sprung, and what a fantastic surprise it was. We met Mum and Ross at Frankfurt airport, and while Shane greeted them in arrivals I waited back and hid behind a conveniently-placed pole. I waited for the tears and hugs to die down, then popped out to make myself known.

The look on Mum's face has made the entire trip worthwhile, and it's only just getting started.

Karlsruhe Schloss

The rest of the day was spent travelling back on the autobahn to Karlsruhe, walking around the city and palace, and heading off to a brewery for dinner (after a jet-lag induced nap, of course).

The palace, above, sits in the middle of the city with most of the main roads in Karlsruhe radiating out from it. We walked around the palace grounds, which are amazing, and back through the university to the main tram stop.

Have I mentioned the trams yet? If I haven't, I should. They're awesome.

? // Karlruhe, Germany

As usual I took photos of street art instead of, you know, my family and important things like that. I'm actually finding that I have no idea how to take good travel photos. It's definitely a different style of photography than I'm used it, so here's hoping this trip is some good practice and my technique improves over the course of the trip.

"We love you ?!" // Karlsruhe, Germany

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