Street Art in East London

Smallest door in London

My first night in London was a rather large one, so after sleeping in until lunch time my hosts Pete and Jess took me on a hangover-curing walking tour of street art spots around East London.

Fly away

I can't remember the specifics of where most of these pieces were, but they certainly have a style that I'd never really seen before. Fine line-work and paste-ups seem to be the order of the day…


I couldn't resist stopping at Tokyobike and taking some shots of their bicycles; the contrast of the red/white and green/white against the black wall was really something.

Red bikeGreen bike

From here on I'll just add a heap of photos and let them speak for themselves.

Huge piece in East London In the air Everything must go Hipster? Skull with haircutJapanese Paste-ups Red door, holding hands Oscar the grouch

I'm sorry to say that this is the end of my eurotrip. That night I spent on Brick Lane, eating curry, catching up with friends from home, and not taking photos. The next morning I got up way too early to head to Heathrow and back to Austin.

I'll close out this post and this trip with a portrait of my good friend and host Pete, sucking on a milkshake and looking like a hipster. London certainly has improved his fashion sense.

Pete, the East London hipster

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