About this site

This site is a soapbox, an ideas platform, a scratch pad and link dump. A place to contribute back to the Internet (capital "I"), for all those times when Google fails in finding an answer and someone should write it down. It's for all those times when everyone else is putting in their two cents worth, and another opinion could help / hinder / anger. It's for posting things I've found, seen, or heard.

This site is also increasingly becoming a place to share my photography, and the stories behind the photos.

About the author

My name's Craig Forster, and I'm an Australian expat of above average height living in Austin, Texas. I'm a professional Software Engineer, an amateur photographer, and a lover of food and music. I work for SailPoint Technologies, but the opinions and content of this site are solely mine and not those of my employer.


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I've had a few articles published around the Internet, predominantly based on my work with IBM.

RedPapers and RedGuides

  • IBM Tivoli Security Policy Manager RedPaper link
  • Flexible Policy Management for IT Security Services Using IBM Tivoli Security Policy Manager link


  • ASP.NET Authentication using LTPA and Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (TFIM) link
  • Using SAML security tokens with Microsoft Web Services Enhancements link
  • SOA authorization using Tivoli Federated Identity Manager and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository link