USA Adventure: 24 Hours in NYC

In October and November 2006 I was lucky enough to go to the USA for work, so I took the opportunity to travel around while I was there. My travel emails were well received back home, so I'm posting them here for all to enjoy. Original Date: 31 October 2006

Hey all,

After about 25 hours travelling, including two sunsets and sunrises in one day, I'm finally in NYC. I even caught a train in from JFK, like a regular local would, except unlike a local I got off at the completely wrong stop and had to take the next "local" train in to Manhattan. It was an experience being the only white guy on the train through Brooklyn, but I did get a look at some pretty sweet bling on a few guys.

I spent the rest of the night (after finding the hotel) wandering around East Village. First impressions - this place is a shithole! Rubbish piled up everywhere, very dirty feeling. I realised the next day that Sunday must be rubbish day or something, cause it was all gone by the time I got up. I ended up drinking Tequila Sunrises in a dive bar with a cute bartender and Johnny Cash on the radio. Great way to end the day.

After waking up aching all over I heading downtown to check out the Financial District and the Brooklyn Bridge. I walked all the way from 17th St to the Bridge (look on a map, it's a fair way) but it was totally worth it. I went past what was CBGB's, through Chinatown, and the amazing buildings in Downtown slowly came into view. Seriously, these buildings are amazing - I've never seen anything like it. Grandiose archway entrances to Bridges and Gothic architecture everywhere (including a gold statue atop one building).

CBGB’s 4 ever Archway Entrance to the Manhattan Bridge Gold Statue on a massive building

After walking halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge, and soaking up some amazing views, I wandered into the Financial District. The contrast between here, and about a dozen blocks north, is nothing short of amazing. Lush sandstone, and shiny glass buildings everywhere! This was when it clicked that I was really in the New York that you seen on television.

The Brooklyn Bridge Building shot The Wall Street Bull

I also checked out the WTC memorial. There's an eerie feeling in the air, although construction has started again so it didn't have the impact I thought it would. I guess you have to be American.

After that I wandered around for a while, went shopping (cheap business shirts!) and then pretty much went back to hotel and had a couple hours snooze (walking is hard)... and here I am. I've written a bunch, so I'll leave it here.

Until next time!

For a lot more photos from the trip, have a look at my Flickr set. I've geotagged them, so the map is pretty interesting too!

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