Fairfax boss slams Australian broadband

Continuing on with the Fairfax news, according to an SMH article Fairfax Chief Executive David Kirk doesn't seem to like Telstra very much. After labeling Australian broadband as "fraudband", the article goes on to quote:

"All around the world you do see where there is a very incumbent telecommunications provider and not a lot of competition … that broadband take-up is slow, broadband pricing is high," Mr Kirk said.

"I think it's usually about market structure and regulation rather than technology or government policy."

In other words: "Telstra, you're the incumbent here - stop whinging about regulation and get the job done."

His metric for if broadband is fast enough is if you can download a movie in less than 24 hours. Sounds like a good "ballpark" metric - x kilobits per second doesn't really mean much to the average user, but telling someone that this week's episode of Lost would take 12 hours to download and use a quarter of their monthly downloads on their "broadband" connection might get the message across.

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