My 365 Project, February 2011

35/365 - "Snowball!" 35/365 - "Snowball"

What a strange month February was - starting it out with ice and snow, and ending with sunshine and warmth. The above photo and the one below, were taken 2 days and 20 degrees celsius apart.

37/365 - "Wheels in a row" 37/365 - "Wheels in a row"

The 365 is coming along nicely. I'm taking my camera with me more, and finding myself doing the late-night rush to take a photo thing less as a result.

46/365 - "102, Red" 46/365 - "102, red"

I've also had a mini-lightbox set up, allowing me to take better photos of the things I do have around the house. This has primarily been my Transformers, but I hope to expand over the next 10 months.

51/365 - "Masterpiece Skywarp, vehicle mode" 51/365 - "Masterpiece Skywarp, vehicle mode"

A lot of my photos have come from grabbing the camera as I take the dog out for a walk. There's almost always something interesting in East Austin, even on the routes of walked dozens of times before.

58/365 - "Red swing" 58/365 - "Red swing"

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