My 365 Project, May 2011

134/365 - "White wall and cactus" 134/365 - "White wall and cactus"

My 365 project took a back seat in May to my exploration with film. There's only a certain amount of tolerance I have for carrying around camera gear, and lugging around a film camera and my GF1 purely for my 365 is kind of annoying.

124/365 - "Trailer lights" 124/365 - "Trailer lights"

Leaving the camera at home during the day led to some more experimentation at night, with lights and Lightroom processing...

143/365 - "In the palm of her hands"

127/365 - "Boots and hula" 127/365 - "Booths and hula"

There was a bunch of stuff that happened in May. Wendelfest started the month, and I very nearly didn't go to it. It took a few Couch Surfers flying in for the event to convince me how fun it would be and I'm sure glad they did.

135/365 - "OM NOM NOM!" 135/365 - "OM NOM NOM"

May also saw the start of Unseen Austin, a photography site I'm moderating that aims to showcase the little details of this awesome town. The original site is Unseen Denver, however I came across the project via Unseen NYC. Here's hoping the Austin branch is successful!

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