London Town! Well... Heathrow.

162/365 - "Waiting at Heathrow Terminal 5"

London town! Well... Heathrow Airport. Which is technically in London, honest.

Although I have a 7-hour layover I'm not planning to head into London proper. I think getting in and back would be too much hassle, especially as the trip in would be during peak hour.

I would also have my bag with me as it turns out I can't bag drop until 3 hours before my flight. It leaves at 1:50, so that's 10:50. Its currently 7:00 giving me an exciting 4 hours to wait before even clearing security. Luckily I've found a pub that serves both full English breakfast and beer.

Heathrow is HUGE. It was a 5-minute subway trip just to change terminals, and it would take that long again just to walk from on end of the terminal to another.

Clearing passport control was painless, despite all reports to the contrary. Twenty minutes after my plane landed I was on the UK side of the controlled area and making my way across the small town that is Heathrow.

So for the time being it's breakfast, coffee, reading the Kindle and maybe even fitting a nap in somewhere.

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